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Cationic Polyacrylamide
  Cationic Polyacrylamide
Cationic Polyacrylamide is a kind of water-soluble polyelectrolyte, which is nontoxic, tasteless, soluble in water easily and insoluble in organic solvents, such as ethanol and acetone. The molecular chain is flexible, relative molecular weight is steady, ionic distribution is even. The floc forming and separation speed is fast. with firm floc and high dewatering effect.
Technical DATA  
Products Code Appearance Cationic Degree Molecular  Wright Dissolving Time Residual Monomer
BMfloc 90012 White Powder Low High ≤90 minutes ≤0.1%
BMfloc 90412 Mid
BMfloc 91012 Mid High
BMfloc 91512 Mid
BMfloc 92012 Mid-high High
BMfloc 93012 Mid
BMfloc 3612 High High
1. As flocculants, it can be used for the treatment of domestic sewage and organic waste water, such as ethyl alcohol, paper making, sugaring, forage, printing and dyeing textile.etc. For the treatment of municipal sewage, sludge sediment and dewatering of waste water from the meat, poultry, food process.
2. It can be used as drying and strengthening agent, retention agent, filter agent in paper making industry, for white wastewater treatment, too. At the same time, it has high flocculants effect in the process of deinking.
3. It can be used as the clarifier of waste water in mining and coal washing industry.           
4. It can be used for the treatment of dyeing, leather and oily wastewater.
5.In the phosphoric acid purity process, it will assist the separation of gypsum.
6. It can be used as the flocculants for the running water treatment from river sources, especially has high treatment effect mixed with inorganic flocculants.
7. It can be used as oil chemical assistants, such as anti-clay swelling agent, acidic gelatinize. etc
The powder is packaged with paper plastic three-in-one compound woven bags, and 25 Kg bags or determination in accord with the user’s requirement. Its shelf life is 2 years.
The powder is moisture absorbent, thus to protect from damp and moist for conservation.
Stored at a dry and ventilative warehouse, explosion to air and sunshine.