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Dioctyl adipate (DOA)
Molecular formula: C22H42O4
Molecular weight: 370.5
Performance and use:
This product is a colorless or slightly *** transparent oily liquid with a slight odor. Ether and organic solvent, insoluble in water. Flow point - 60 C; Boiling point 210 C (666 Pa); Relative density: 0.924 - 0.930 (20 C); Refractive index 1.447 (25 C).
This product is a typical cold-resistant plasticizer of polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene copolymer, polystyrene, cellulose nitrate, ethyl cellulose and synthetic rubber. It has high plasticizing efficiency, good thermal stability, and can give the product good low temperature softness and light resistance. It is mainly used with DOP, DBP and other main plasticizers for cold-resistant agricultural film, frozen food packaging film, wire and cable coating, artificial leather, board, outdoor water pipe, etc.
Packaging: Iron or plastic drums, net weight 190KG per drum.
Technical Indicators:
Indicator Name Quality First Class Qualified Product
Appearance transparent oily liquid
Color number (APHA) = 2050120
Acid value mgKOH/g <
Moisture% less than
Density (20 C) g/cm 30.924-0.929
Flash Point (Opening Cup) > 190190190185