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phenyl alkylsulfonate
phenyl alkylsulfonate
Technical index
Indicator Name Indicator
High-grade and first-grade qualified products
Oily liquid with light appearance
Color mg/100ml.KI < 347
Acidity (measured by Benzoic acid)%<
Density (beta 20) g/cm 31.030-1.060
Heating reduction (125oC3 hours)%<
Flash point (open cup method) oC (> 210-20206-240202-240)
Viscosity (20oC) mpa.s < 75-125


Packing: Galvanized iron barrel, 200 kg net weight per barrel.
This product is a light *** transparent oily liquid. Molecular formula: RSO3C6H5 (R=C12H25C16H25), molecular weight 368-390, solidification point-10oC, refractive index 1.494-1.500 (20oC) This product is an auxiliary plasticizer for polyvinyl chloride and copolymers. It has low volatility. Its products have excellent weatherability, physical properties and electrical insulation properties. It is suitable for artificial leather, film, wire, cable material and sole products. Its cold resistance is lower than DOP and its dosage is general. 10-30 shares. This product can also be used as plasticizer of natural rubber and synthetic rubber to improve low temperature flexibility and resilience of rubber products, and can be used in food packaging.